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BPL Card FAQs 

Q. What to do if I want to get my B.P.L. Ration Card made?

A. You can get your B.P.L. Ration Card made provided you fulfill the income criteria and other conditions essential for getting the Card made. A yellow Form prescribed for the purpose is to be submitted along with the documents as provided in the procedure.

Q. Can I get an A.A.Y. Ration card made along with a B.P.L. Ration Card?

A. Yes, you can get an A.A.Y Ration Card made along with a B.P.L. Ration Card provided you fulfill the criteria for the card. An A.A.Y. card is issued to the poorest of poor families.

Q. Which all commodities am I entitled to draw on a B.P.L. Ration Card?

A. You are entitled to draw 1kg B.P.L. Sugar per unit, 35 kg B.P.L. Rice and 5 litres Kerosene Oil for One Member 10 litres K. oil for 2 to 3 members, 15 litres K. oil for R. Card containing more than three units and 3 litres K.Oil if you hold a single Gas connection.(Link)

Q. Can I draw supplies to which I am entitled but which have not been drawn during the relevant period, in a subsequent period?

A. No such provision is there.

Q. How can I help in smooth running of the public distribution system?

A. For this you need to do :-

  • You should not alter any entry in the RC.
  • You should not transfer your RC for use by any other person.
  • You should not draw any specified articles from fair price shop in respect of a person included in your RC who is not living in Chandigarh at the time such supplies are obtained.
  • Present your RC to the Department of Food & Supplies for deletion of name of a person included in your RC who is away from Chandigarh for more than a month.
  • If you and your family is leaving Delhi permanently deposit your RC in the.
  • In case you shift your place of residence, you should report such change to your Circle who will make the necessary endorsement on your card, if you are shifting within a Circle; or give you a surrender certificate to get a new HCC made at the new place of residence, if you are shifting out of the jurisdiction of the Circle.
  • Any subsequent change in the status of any parameter on which the card was issued e.g. addition, deletion of family members, change in entitlement of specified articles resulting from change in age of family members, assessment of any member to income tax, getting a LPG connection in the name of any person included in the HCC, etc. should be reported immediately to the Circle Office.
WheatHigh Yielding Common Variety220
BajraFine Avg Quality160
MaizeFine Avg Quality150
RagiFine Avg Quality610
AttaWhole Meal Fine Avg Quality210
Suji 200
Maida 260
ArharSplit(Without Husk)1450
MoongSplit Washed1000
MasurSplit Washed850
UradSplit Washed1250
Besanof Gram Dal1000
Groundnut OilTin1220
Gingerly OilLoose 640
Mustard OilLoose 1000
Coconut OilLoose1600
VanaspatiLoose 720
VanaspatiDalda/Rath 1 Ltr Pouch680
MeatPoultry Chicken1800
Eggs(Hen) per tray of 30Farm1300
MilkCow/Buffalo(fresh Milk)380
Desi GheeLoose 3800
SaltLoose (Common)170
SaltPacket (Iodized)200
Red ChilliesPowdered,Agmark3000
Black PepperWhole4000
PatatoFine Avg Quality100
OnionFine Avg Quality180
TomatoesFine Avg Quality280
BrinjalsFine Avg Quality200
AppleDelicious Medium Size700
CoconutFresh(Per Piece)150
Sugar 320
Gurlocal Variety350
TeaCTC (Loose)2250
TeaTata Tea3200
CoffeePowdered (100G)3000
CoffeeInstant NesCafe(500Gm)900

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