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  What's New in the Department
A Complete Revamped look for the Department is in the pipeline. The interiors are being done afresh with fully air conditioned office and a new decor making the ambience conducive and confortable for both the employees as well as the general public.

Breakthrough fully automated working in the office has given a headstart to the tech-aided services being given to the consumers. The public service windows are equipped with cameras, scanners and finger-print devices for the purpose of most efficient maintenance of record.

Online software for Ration Cards has been a benchmark for the Department. With the availability of all the necessary details of the card holders as well as their family members online, working of the Department has been streamlined.

Revalidation of Ration Cards and weeding out of bogus Ration Cards has spreadheaded the Department's mission of reaching out to the needy and has ben instrumental in ensuring efficient distribution of food.

Food Fortification Scheme proposed buy the Department has been granted approval by the administration. Based upon internationally accepted norms, the Scheme envisages countering malnutrition in Chandigarh and is an excellent social welfare initiative taken up by the department.

In order to streamline the supply of kerosene, the Department is issuing K. Oil coupons to the K. Oil user card holders of Chandigarh. All the card holders using K. Oil are issued coupons by the Department against which they are issued K. Oil from the respective K. Oil Pumps. Before issuing the coupons, all the particulars of the card holders are entered by the Department in details. An exhaustive database containing the scanned photograph, scanned form, thumb impression and the family details of the cardholders are maintained by the Department. The criteria adopted for issue of coupon is as under:-

Cardholders having no Gas Connection
Single member:                            5 litres
Upto three members:                  10 litres
More than three members:         15 litres

Cardholders with a Single Gas connection: 3 litres

Senior citizens: 5 litres

The Ministry of Women and Child Development has allocated 500 tonnes of wheat to the Chandigarh Administration for distribution to the adolescent girls under the Nutrition Programme for Adolescent Girls ( NPAG) Scheme. Under the NPAG Scheme, free food grains @ Rs. 6 per kg per beneficiary per month would be provided to the identified undernourished adolescent girls. The Department of Food & Supplies and Consumer Affairs, Chandigarh along with the Social Welfare Department, Chandigarh will undertake the task of implementing the social welfare Scheme for the Annual Plan 2007 – 08.

The entire functioning of the Department has automated. Customized software has been developed to cater to the specific needs of each branch functioning in the Department. Issue of Ration cards which was being done manually so far has also been computerized. Online downloading and submission of forms has been operationalised to make the procedure more convenient for the applicants desirous of getting Ration cards made in Chandigarh.

Keeping in mind the ongoing festivals season, the Department has doubled the scale of issue of sugar to all the cardholders drawing B.P.L. Sugar from 1 kg per unit per month to 2 kg per unit per month for the festivals months of October and November 2007.

The Food fortification Scheme launched by the Department received an over whelming response from the Roller Flour Millers and Chakki owners of Chandigarh. Most of the atta manufacturing units supplying Wheat flour in the Chandigarh have installed the machinery for carrying out the fortification procedure. In a study conducted by the Department of Health Services, Chandigarh it was found out that the entire group of labourers consuming fortified Wheat Flour had high levels of hemoglobin.

WheatHigh Yielding Common Variety220
BajraFine Avg Quality160
MaizeFine Avg Quality150
RagiFine Avg Quality610
AttaWhole Meal Fine Avg Quality210
Suji 200
Maida 260
ArharSplit(Without Husk)1450
MoongSplit Washed1000
MasurSplit Washed850
UradSplit Washed1250
Besanof Gram Dal1000
Groundnut OilTin1220
Gingerly OilLoose 640
Mustard OilLoose 1000
Coconut OilLoose1600
VanaspatiLoose 720
VanaspatiDalda/Rath 1 Ltr Pouch680
MeatPoultry Chicken1800
Eggs(Hen) per tray of 30Farm1300
MilkCow/Buffalo(fresh Milk)380
Desi GheeLoose 3800
SaltLoose (Common)170
SaltPacket (Iodized)200
Red ChilliesPowdered,Agmark3000
Black PepperWhole4000
PatatoFine Avg Quality100
OnionFine Avg Quality180
TomatoesFine Avg Quality280
BrinjalsFine Avg Quality200
AppleDelicious Medium Size700
CoconutFresh(Per Piece)150
Sugar 320
Gurlocal Variety350
TeaCTC (Loose)2250
TeaTata Tea3200
CoffeePowdered (100G)3000
CoffeeInstant NesCafe(500Gm)900

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