Act & Rules

Legal Metrology

The Legal Metrology Wing of the department deals with implementation of following Acts and Rules.

  1. The Legal Metrology Act, 2009
  2. The Legal Metrology (Packaged Commodities) Rules, 2011
  3. The Legal Metrology (General) Rules, 2011
  4. The Legal Metrology (Approval of Models) Rules, 2011
  5. The Legal Metrology (National Standards) Rules, 2011
  6. The Legal Metrology (Numeration) Rules, 2011
  7. The Indian Institute of Legal Metrology Rules, 2011
  8. The Chandigarh Legal Metrology (Enforcement) Rules, 2011.
  9. The Legal Metrology (Govt. Approved Test Centre) Rules 2013 

The following services are being offered by the Legal Metrology  to the Establishments/Citizens of Chandigarh  : 


  1. Stamping and Verification of Weights, Measures, Weighing and Measuring instruments used by the Commercial establishments.
  2. Verification & Stamping of Autos / taxi fare meters.
  3. Verification & Stamping of Weighbridges.
  4. Calibration/Verification of TankLorries/Flow meters used in the transportation of petroleum   products.
  5. Stamping / sealing of dispensing units of Petrol pumps.
  6. Stamping / sealing of dispensing units of CNG/LPG pumps.
  7. Checking of net contents of LPG at bottling plant or retail outlets.
  8. Issue of licences for Manufacturing, Repairing and dealing with Weights, Measures, Weighing and Measuring instruments being used in commercial establishments.
  9. Registration of Packers, Manufacturers and Importers of packaged commodities.
  10. Checking, inspections and prosecutions of the commercial establishments found violating the provisions of Weights & Measures Laws and short delivery of the commodities.
  11. Checking of packaged commodities being offered for sale by the commercial establishments regarding their net contents in r/o weights, measures, volume or number and regarding the mandatory declarations to be made on the packaged commodities.
  12. Checking of commercial establishments regarding the overcharging above the MRP in respect of the sale of packaged commodities.